Who Are We?


Gambeta Footballl Club organizes some of the best recreational soccer games for men and women in the greater Boston area. Gambeta members are teammates, competitors, and friends. We are a club for players - by players.

Two to three times a week, throughout the year,  we play at superior locations, use professional equipment and play high quality games with a diverse group of talented players. We aim to maintain a competitive level of playing by retaining experienced players, and we're always looking for new talent.

Who Are Our Players?


Our soccer members average over 20 years of soccer experience and hail from a number of  different countries

ABOUT Gambeta

"Gambeta is run by a great leadership team. All the events are well planned, the equipment is of great quality and soccer field is amazing."


"My favorite things about Gambeta are the people and social events. Gambeta is my second Family."



“After moving to Boston, I joined 4 different teams/leagues, but was bummed that I couldn't find other players that were equally competitive and serious about playing. I was excited to find Gambeta and meet other strong players who I could also have fun with."

-Leo Mosquera